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Wooden covered decks are a beautiful extension of our homes and are one of the most used places of the home especially during the summer season. However, barbeque parties, evening get together and sun bathing could actually result in the wear and tear of these beautiful units. Covered deck where we once enjoyed a glass of wine with our friends soon wear a dreary look. We would once be spending every single free minute possible on covered decks but soon the dirty look of it would make us dread to enter the area. The good news is that regular maintenance of covered decks and little bit of care could restore the original beauty of your lovely covered deck.

You too can give an instant facelift to your tired looking wooden covered deck by using the right products. Following simple guidelines you can protect your wooden covered decks from serious damages:

  • Regular inspection will lessen your burden: - our covered decks undergo a lot of abuse in form of harsh climatic conditions such as bright sun, heavy rains, snow and dirty foot which can have an impact on its appearance. Also wooden covered decks which are made using untreated lumber, cedar or any other kind of wood then there are greater chances of rotting. Therefore inspect you covered deck at least once a year to check if any wooden boards are rotten. Check the space under the covered decks’ boards, near the stair treads and if possible also crawl under your covered deck to check the extent of damage.
  • Instant repair will save later despair:-  on inspection of covered decks if you find that the boards are rotten extensively then you probably need to hire a carpenter to replace the damaged boards. You can also use a pry bar to remove the damaged boards from covered decks and replace them with tampered rot resistant wooden planks. However if the rot in the boards is less than half inch deep you can leave them in their place for the time being. 

Also if you see the nails popping out of the boards or if they have become loose, instead of pounding them they should be removed and then replace with special decking screws or nails.

  • Dry and seal so that your covered decks heals:- Wooden covered decks are bound to rot if the water stays on its surface for a long time. So if you stay at a place where rain is a constant feature, its better you select some other material to build covered deck. Others should ensure that their deck dry out once the rain is over. Also remove all the dirt and leaves which get stuck on the roof of your covered decks to prevent algae or fungi growth which can cause extensive damage to your deck. Use a plastic laminate tool or a putty knife to clean your covered deck of all debris.

Once the deck is clean do not wait for long before sealing it using a paint which contain paraffin or oil that will help in keeping moisture out. Select a paint which contains UV blockers that would keep the sun rays from discoloration of the deck.

  • Clean the stains without much pain:- If your deck has a grayish appearance and you can notice the presence of stains then you can clean the deck using a mixture of water and bleach. Wipe the covered deck surface dry after using this mixture so as to ensure that the mildew doesn’t come back. You can also purchase a TSP cleanser or commercial cleaner as well as a wood brightener containing oxalic acid to give your closed deck a shiny look.

Routine cleaning and a fresh coat of paint could do wonders for your covered deck. So follow these maintenance tips and sit back and enjoy the glow of your freshly restored covered decks.

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